Automatic Vehicle Counting and Classification Solution

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With an advanced pattern recognition algorithm, Arohi has developed an application that can be easily deployed in toll booths and integrated with their existing applications. The Camera is positioned in such a way that the axles and size of passing vehicles are considered. This data is used to classify the vehicles (the application adheres to the definitions set by the Motor Vehicles Act).

Based on the classification made, toll tickets are issued. No part of this module comes in contact with the passing vehicle nor is any sensors used. The system determines and stores the graphical details of the profile of the vehicles along with additional information. Human intervention is minimal so manpower required at the toll booth can be optimized. Greater efficiency will see more revenue as throughput will increase if delay at the toll gate is reduced (i.e. if more vehicles per hour are served by the toll booth). Increased throughput in any lane will diminish requirement for new lanes and additional expensive construction can be deferred.