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enVigil Mobile is a rugged network video recorder (NVR) designed for application in public and commercial transportation. It was created with an aim to provide an easy-to-use, efficient, dependable and financially viable solution. Equipped with state-of-the-art Automatic Bandwidth Adaptation Technology, this system is capable of transmitting real-time video feeds even in low and fluctuating bandwidth. It has built-in VPN to ensure secure video transmission.

It also boasts of a vandal-proof wide-angle HD camera, 180 &apm 360 degrees HD panoramic view camera for inside view and long-range thermal camera for enhanced visibility in foggy and night conditions. This system’s modules have been chosen and designed to provide a long life.

It is dust-proof and can tolerate hot and humid weather conditions. Its die-cast aluminum enclosure adds an additional layer of security to the rugged, fanless motherboard. Developed to withstand shocks, vibrations and temperature fluctuations, enVigil Mobile is a truly robust system.