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enVigil Video Management Software is a complete solution designed to meet all your video surveillance management requirements. It uses Automatic Bandwidth adaptation Technology to ensure remote real-time video transmission in low bandwidth. Giving security prime importance, video Transmission is done through VPN tunnel. Quality offered is excellent with each Local Channel delivering 25 FPS recording at D1, 720p/1080p HD and upto 10 megapixel resolutions.

The system is customizable, simple to setup and easily accessible on the internet. It does not require a Static IP, registration on any Dyndns server, port-forwarding or configuring the router in any way. It is a scalable software and supports multiple video and audio streams, enabling simultaneous live access from multiple locations on both LAN and WAN. It can provide secure real-time Camera Matrix access over the web to multiple users (more than 25 users) at a time. This helps selected users to get alerts and updates in time. It is an ONVIF (open network video interface forum) compliant interface. This software is extremely reliable and attempts to diminish disruptions with its automatic failover WAN switching capability. In the event of an emergency, it can shutdown automatically using SMART UPS faction.

You can enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that the central server located in the cloud is monitoring the health of the enVigil IP NVRs. If there is any interruption in operations, it sends a notification to the designated person through email and SMS. The software comes with an in-built SMS Gateway so there is no need to attach any GSM or CDMA modem to send SMS alerts.