Traffic Congestion Control System

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Traffic congestion occurs when vehicles have to travel at slow speeds due to an overload of vehicles on the road. This leads to longer trip durations, and an increase in queues. It is a problem that is increasing in metros and developing cities much to the dismay of commuters and governing bodies.

Arohi can help tackle this problem with smart traffic congestion detection and signaling through its fully automated system that checks the average speed of vehicles in stretches and attempts to maintain the same. If the average speed of moving vehicles falls below the threshold for any particular stretch, the system will identify the scene as congested. It will measure the intensity of the congestion by comparing detected data against ideal traffic speed under normal circumstances.

When the system identifies a congestion, it sends a signal to traffic-light controller installed at the location so that inflow of traffic is better managed or traffic-light timings are changed (ideally, red-light signal duration is increased). Once the congestion is clears, the system will send another signal to the traffic-light controller and reset timings to standard intervals.